Public Historian

Sophia V. Nelson is a public historian.  Her current work is centered around the digital ecosystem,, that she curates with content that affirms, amplifies, and activates Black History spaces and those that visit them. Sophia started in 2006 with the Prince George’s Economic Development Corporation as an intern and, true to form, co-produced their Minority Business Day, which gave minority contractors the chance to interface with vendors and grow their businesses. In 2017, Sophia was selected for The Black Women’s Roundtable: Taking It To The Top Entrepreneurial Challenge. That same year she was featured in the Maryland Independent for her work in promoting Black historic sites. In 2019, WCLK’s “The Local Take” interviewed her to highlight “Onward: A Harriet Hike,” an event she co-produced with local Girl Trek clubs.  And in 2020, Philip J. Merrill sat down with Sophia on his podcast, Artifactual Journey, to learn more about her work as a public historian.

Whether going back to Sophia’s earnest early days in her career managing public relations for streetwear brands, producing videos or collecting personal histories, she demonstrates her steadfast diligence to focus, relentless creativity toward bringing Black History and its healing potential to the masses. Of her current career aspirations, she writes, “I am part of a movement that advocates reimagining how we teach Black History in the U.S. I believe establishing a digital community where we can engage with and share information about Black Historic spaces like museums and heritage areas, cultural programming like documentary films and virtual tours is central to that reimagining.” 

Sophia completed her undergraduate studies in Public Relations at Bowie State University. And in 2017, she earned her Master of Heritage Preservation with a Public History emphasis from Georgia State University. In addition to her institutional learning, her affinity for lifelong education is evidenced by the biographies and documentaries she voraciously consumes to pursue her craft. Sophia currently resides in Atlanta.