(Photos) Zora Neale Hurston Birthday 1/7/2020.

Photos originally appeared on Instagram.com/visitblackhistory January 7, 2020.

Taking it back to that one time we unexpectedly stumbled across a Zora Neale Hurston historical marker in St. Augustine, Florida. Very exciting! Sending a heavenly Happy Birthday to Zora!! ⁣

Also included are a few photos taken in St. Augustine, Florida. A very picturesque city…vernacular and Spanish Renaissance architecture all around. ⁣

Florida Black Heritage Trail

Would love to get a hard copy of the 1991, 2007, and any recent edition of Florida’s Black Heritage Trail publication.

In 1990, the Florida Legislature created the Study Commission on African American History in Florida. The commission developed methods and established a Heritage Trail that includes sites and buildings that have been preserved and promoted as tourist attractions.

Pictured is the table of contents for the publication’s third edition, published in 2007.


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Delta Sigma Theta and Others Visit Fort Mose

Couples, families, and groups were out last Saturday to learn about Fort Mose’s (pronounced Mo’say) history. Attendance was diverse in age, gender, and ethnicity.

Pictured is the Palm Coast Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, youth that accompanied them, and a few re-enactors from the day’s event.

More on Fort Mose Historic State Park coming soon.

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Flight to Freedom: Fort Mose Historic Park

Heading to St. Augustine Florida this week. Going to cover the annual “Flight to Freedom” event at Fort Mose Historic Park.

The Fort Mose Historical Society will host daily events beginning Thursday Feb 7, concluding Saturday Feb 9

I am currently reading “Fort Mose And The Story of The Man Who Built The First Free Black Settlement In Colonial America” written by Glennette Tilley Turner.

A few historical facts shared in the book:

  • Zora Neale Hurston uncovered and published information about Fort Mose in a 1927 issue of the Journal of Negro History
  • In 1985 the Black Caucus of the Florida State Legislature secured funding to further Fort Mose research efforts

    Because of changes in the water level over the years, all of the original Fort Mose site is underwater.

…To be continued.

Dr. James Eaton – FAMU Black Archives

Story published July 15, 1993 in the Atlanta Constitution “A Man and His Museum”

In 1971 legislation was passed in Florida that mandated the creation of a repository to “serve the state by collecting and preserving source material on and about African Americans from ancient to present times.” Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University became home to that repository.

Dr. James N. Eaton was a history professor at FAMU and embarked on the task of collecting black memorabilia and artifacts.

The pictures news article states that Eaton is standing at a podium once used by Booker T. Washington and other well known African American orators. “Eaton was cruising interstate 95 in Georgia…he was in a truck stop when he saw near the Rebel flags and ceramic Jesus statues a ‘Jolly N****r Bank’…a relic of Jim Crow times.”

The Southeastern Regional Black Archives Research Center and Museum was renamed Meek- Eaton Black Archives after Dr. James N. Eaton’s passing in 2004 🕊

[source: FAMU & Kenan Research Center]