List of Cultural Resources Honoring the Life and Legacy of Shirley Chisholm

On August 11, 2020, Joe Biden announced that Senator Kamala Harris would be his 2020 presidential running mate. Making her the first Black female candidate for Vice President. Today, we highlight and celebrate Shirley Chisholm with our curated list of landmarks, exhibits, and other cultural resources established in the late Congresswoman’s honor. 

Shirley Chisolm was born in New York to Caribbean parents in 1924. She spent a part of her formative years living with her grandmother in Barbados. She returned to New York and went on to graduate from Brooklyn College in 1946 followed by Columbia University. Chisholm became the first African American woman elected to U.S. Congress before running for the 1972 Democratic nomination for Presidency, becoming the first African American to do so.  

The 37th stamp in the U.S. Postal Service’s Black Heritage Series commemorates the legacy of Shirley Chisholm. Here, you will find additional cultural resources established in Shirley Chisholm’s honor.

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Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery Reopens

Image used with permission: Former Minnesota Viking, two-time Super Bowl Champion, Tyrone Carter at site of George Floyd Protest. © John Steitz.

Founded in 2018, the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery (MAAHMG) will reopen its doors on Tuesday, August 18th, with new exhibits created in response to the death of #GeorgeFloyd and subsequent #BlackLivesMatter protests. If you are in the Minnesota area, check them out. Visit the Museum’s website to get your tickets. Follow their Facebook page for updates, as well. Below is a list of new exhibitions:

  • “Gather In His Name: From Protests to Healing for George Floyd” a photography collection by John Steitz
  • “Un-Heard,” a video compilation of performing artists expressing the emotions of the movement
  • photography by Jabari Holloman
  • a documentary based on the first day of protests in Minneapolis created by Unicorn Riot
  • a plywood art mural created by DeSean Hollie
  • “A Reckoning: 100 Years after the Lynchings in Duluth,” an exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of the lynching of Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson, and Isaac McGhie in 1920. Produced in collaboration with In Black Ink.

Image used with permission: Former Minnesota Viking, two-time Super Bowl Champion, Tyrone Carter at site of George Floyd Protest. © John Steitz.


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Self-Care 2020: Oral History Interviews (Geronimo Collins)

Geronimo Collins walking across Woodrow Wilson Bridge. The bridge connects DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Background: In 2015, Bree Newsome Bass made national headlines when she scaled a 30-foot flag pole at the South Carolina statehouse and took down the Confederate flag. In an article entitled, “Charlottesville Reinforced That Self-Care Is an Essential Part of My Activism,” (SELF Magazine) Bass shares the importance of self-care stating, “I have a tendency to go, go, go until I burn out…self-care did not come naturally to me at first…since committing myself to social justice a few years ago, it’s something I’ve developed out of necessity.” has invited participants to take part in an oral history project that will document the role of self-care in this day and time. We are specifically examining the individual impact of COVID-19, witnessing recent police brutality in the Black community, and the subsequent demonstrations that have followed.

Geronimo Collins: I am a 37 years old native of….I was born in Washington, DC. Grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland. I’ve lived a few places up and down the east coast. I am an urban culture and lifestyle enthusiast. Reformed blogger turned full-time conversationalist. I love talking with people to learn about them. I have always taken more often than not in my recent years as an adult – I’ve taken a very objective view on things. I’m free thinking. I’m not one to go with the crowd. And that’s pretty a unique stance to take for someone who is not only black but also someone who identifies as transgender. And I think it’s necessary to do that because you have to understand that even in going with the crowd, there might be something underlying that’s more detrimental in what’s being presented. Whether it’s in media, whether it’s a way of thought, whether it is just an action. So, before I jump on board because I want to make sure that I don’t fall victim to something that can come back to negatively affect me later. And so, I can I’m a very objective person. And what else can I say about myself? That’s pretty much it. I’m a podcaster and sometimes I write. I’m not a big fan of writing but you know I can do it. The podcast is called All the Fly Kids. I have another podcast called Centerpieces. Which is an every now and then conversation about Black artists’ influence on culture. Yeah – that’s me

Geronimo Collins frequenting Spizzy. A smoothies and tea establishment located in Prince George’s County, Maryland.
Juice Cleanse produced by Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar

Full 2020 Self-Care Oral History Interview with Geronimo Collins

Content may be used for educational purposes. Must include citation: Nelson, Sophia. Collins, Geronimo.  Self-Care 2020 Oral History interview conducted June 15, 2020. A Oral History Project, Atlanta, Georgia. 2020.

(Photo) Bedford-Stuyvesant Ecologist, Hattie Carthan

Post originally appeared on @crownheightsseedplanter Instagram page:

History to remember! The Magnolia Tree Earth Center of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Inc. was founded in 1972 by Hattie Carthan. A resident of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Mrs. Carthan was among the nation’s first African-American, community-based, ecology activists. Her pioneering efforts brought a variety of “green” programs to her neighborhood during the early emergence of the grassroots and environmental education movements

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(Photos) Preservation of a Site Related to Georgia Midwife, Beatrice Borders

Preservationists in early stages to preserve Georgia Williams Nursing home and historic site related to the legacy of Georgia midwife, Beatrice Borders

Post originally appeared on Ethos Preservation Instagram page:

Preservation in action! Today this group kicked off a Preservation Plan for the Georgia B. Williams Nursing Home in Camilla, Georgia! Here, Beatrice Borders, a third generation African-American midwife, operated a nursing home from 1941 to 1971, delivering over 6,000 babies! Providing an essential service through segregation and the Jim Crow era, Beatrice provided a safe place for expectant mothers, and “birthed a city.” #thisplacematters#PreservingHope @thegeorgiatrust#preservationplanning @visitblackhistory#grassroots #kickoff

(Photo) Elegeba Folklore Society, Retail Store

Empress Tai in a dress purchased at Elegba Folklore Society Photographed by @mrgoodevening

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