Remembering the Help, Celebrating their Service Exhibit

Lake Charles, Louisiana is home to the Black Heritage Festival of Louisiana. It began in 1987 when Mrs. Cynthia May and Mrs. Virginia C. Riley combined a play written by Mrs. Riley with the activities of a festival for the community. ⁣

In 2001 the Black Heritage Festival of Louisiana opened the Black Heritage Gallery. Today, the Gallery continues to “lead a diverse audience in discovering African American artist and to nurture artists at all stages of their careers.” ⁣

On December 6, 2019 The Black Heritage Gallery will unveil a new exhibit “Remembering the Help, Celebrating their Service”. Curator, Stella Miller shared the exhibit will examine the history and cultural significance of mid 20th Century African American domestic workers. ⁣

🖤 #VisitBlackHistory ⚡️

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