Full Story Soon: Elegba Folklore Society

Preview I: Elegba Folklore Society Interview

Recorded in Richmond, Virginia at The Elegba Folklore Society. Written and interviewed by Ali’a Brooke Edwards @rev.alia.

When asked “can you tell me how you got started in the transformational arts- history, culture? And how your inspiration has evolved over time.” Omilade Janine Bell founder of @efsinc expressed “liberating black people is hard work. But I did accept the assignment because liberating black people is good work.”

Preview I: B-Roll Footage captured in Richmond, VA

Image 2: b-roll footage collected at The Hippodrome Theater. The Hippodrome established in 1914 by Charles A. Somma. Part vaudeville, part movie theater national acts including Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole and Louis Armstrong performed there.

FULL Story coming to VisitBlackHistory.com soon

🖤#VisitBlackHistory ⚡️#visitblkrva

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