(Petersburg, VA) Pocahontas Black History Museum

The Pocahontas Black History Museum, owned and operated by Richard Stewart, was founded in 2003. After years of residing on Pocahontas Island (Petersburg VA), Stewart began to invest in area real estate. Stewart turned his 224 Witten Street, Petersburg Virginia address into a community museum.

There, visitors see and hear about the prehistoric, African-American, and Native American history that has taken place in the community.

Interview Highlights:

  • Committed to establishing a museum because his ancestors asked that he ensure their history was told
  • Displays civil war artifacts and slave shackles

Additional recorded materials available for research, upon request. TheMergingLanesProject@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “(Petersburg, VA) Pocahontas Black History Museum

  1. Interesting and nice-looking man. The place implies that black history in the US is still starting from a very low material base = lack of interest, at least presumed.


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