50 Years of Preserving Philadelphia History: Paley Library’s, The Urban Archive

50th Anniversary ||The Urban Archives which is part of Philadelphia Pennsylvania’s Paley Library was established in 1967. It was founded in “response to the academic trend of social history.” The collection is made up of over 7 million news clippings from the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin || one researcher, Carter Reynolds, a “sophomore political science and economics major” said the archive is how he learned of the Black liberation group, MOVE, pictured in this photograph. “In 1985, police dropped a bomb on MOVE’s headquarters, killing 11 mbrs and 5 children in West Philadelphia.” || “Timothy Patterson an education professor, uses the archives to teach his students how to better use primary sources.” || The collection is described a being “rich…and there’s almost always somebody wanting [to use it] to do a documentary” || Look up the film “Let the Fire Burn” to learn more about MOVE (Source: The Temple News) #archives #urbanarchives #socialhistory #blackhistory #blackliberation #liberation #terroristattack #terrorist #movephilly #movephiladelphia #documentaryfilmmaking #primaryresources #primaryresource #socialstudies #themerginglanesproject #paleylibrary

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