Citizenship Schools – Dorchester Academy 

Yesterday I wore Draft I of the RARE. “research always renders elevation” collection. Draft I pays homage to Septima Poinsette Clark and the Citizenship Schools she established…which helped African Americans acquire the literacy skills needed to gain their right to vote. 

 As the universe would have it, a discussion came up about Dorchester Academy, which is located 5 hours from Atlanta in Midway, Georgia. Yesterday was the first time I’d heard of this particular institution.  Dorchester Academy was a school established for African Americans after the U.S. Civil War. Years later, from 1961 – 1970 “Dorchester Academy served as the main training site of the Citizenship Education Program and was successful in establishing 897 Citizenship Schools throughout the south.” It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2006. 😍

I plan to take a trip to the site within the next year. 🎒 🙏

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